Payment methods

PayPal / Credit card


PayPal payments are done through its secured payment system. PayPal links your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account. You can also deposit money on your PayPal account. After the payment is accepted the amount is deducted from your PayPal account. Paying with PayPal is very fast and secure. PayPal provides you with buyer protection. For more information, please visit this page.

Bancontact / Mister Cash


Bancontact / Mister Cash is an online payment system developed by banks in Belgium. All Belgium customers can use Bancontact / Mister Cash. They can use it to pay within their familiar banking portal.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are automatically monitored by our payment provider If you choose to pay with the payment instructions will be shown on your screen. As an alternative you can choose to receive this information by email. To speed up the payment process you can provide the payment reference.



We provide Giropay for our German customers. It is safe, secure and easy to use.



Mybank is a relatively new payment system being used in several European countries. It provides safe transactions through the users own banking system.


iDEAL is a Dutch safe and secure payment system. Users are able to use their own familiar internet banking system to fulfil the payment.



Paysafecard is a prepaid card which customers can use to buy anonymously on the internet. The card can be bought in many stores. The payment is done by providing the information shown on the card. The funds on the card are updated immediately after a transaction.

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